The Five Best Yoga Books : Soothed in the City
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The Five Best Yoga Books

Five great yoga books to deepen your practice

by Soothed in the city yoga expert and teacher, Kirsty Gallagher of

I’m often being asked the best books to read about yoga, and with the summer season on its way and people in need of a good beach book here are my top recommendations of a yoga travel companion:


1) Bringing yoga to life by Donna Farhi

One of the best yoga booksThis is the first book I recommend to almost anyone wanting to know more about yoga as a way of life. It’s absolutely brilliantly written beautifully combining ancient wisdom, real life stories and enough ‘realness’ so that anyone can relate to its contents and in some way bring yoga to life, everyone will get something from this book.





2) How yoga works by Geshe Michael Roach

One of the best yoga books


This is a delightful book, as its set as a story so doesn’t feel too much like heavy reading. Through the story the wisdom of the sutras unfolds in a believable and relatable way. Commentaries of the yoga sutras are given along with ways you can relate to your own practice and use yoga to help transform your world.





3) A light on life by BKS Iyengar

One of the best yoga books

The legendary Iyengar does it again with this gem. Filled with timeless wisdom this book gives you a clear idea of what the yoga journey is really all about. A light on yoga is definitely worth a mention here too but you may want to increase your luggage allowance if you want to take it away with you ; ) It’s worth having on the bookshelf though, especially for the section on philosophy.




4) Practicing the Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

One of the best yoga booksNot quite a yoga book but this is a wonderful book on how to live in the present moment, which is what yoga is really trying to teach us. I found The Power of Now a bit heavy (especially for the beach!) but this version gives you all the main points you need to live a more present life. It’s incredibly thought provoking and will make you pause (helping you find the power of now!)





5) The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi


One of the best yoga booksI’m just over half way through this book now and it certainly deserves a mention. Most of the translations of sacred texts and even instructions for asana have been written by men for men. This book is a heart-centered, intuitive, feminine perspective of the sutras, resulting in the first translation intended for women.




There you have it: Kirsty’s top 5 yoga books to download to your kindle beore you hit the beach!

Kirsty Gallagher is an International Yoga Teacher, barefoot dreamer, free spirit, adventure seeking traveller and pursuer of happiness. She teaches regular workshops and retreats in the UK, Europe and beyond.  For more information visit her website


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