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PR For Bloggers

PR For Bloggers Ecourse


PR For Bloggers CoverThis ecourse will take you through the whole process of reaching out to the press and getting media coverage. After all, the more coverage your blog gets, the more it will get noticed by visitors, PR people and brands. You will learn how to differentiate your blog, find your message for the media and the best ways to build up relationships with the press.

I’ve been teaching business owners and brands how to do their own PR for over 14 years, and it’s no different for bloggers. There is a method and an etiquette when it comes to approaching journalists, but the results can be amazing: coverage in national publications, being invited onto radio shows as a guest, having PR people come to you as a result of your exposure.

Having worked as a PR, journalist and now a blogger, I have seen things from all sides, and know what gets you noticed…and what ends up being a load of wasted time.


I can see exactly how much work you put into this ebook, and you have done a fantastic job, Dorothée Lefering

This easy to work through ecourse will take you through:

  • How the press works
  • How to compile a press list
  • How to write a press release
  • Where the journalists hang out
  • The best way to approach journalists
  • How to find angles to raise journalist’s interest
  • Whether you should write for publications for money or to raise your profile
  • How to organise all this!


I will take you through how to create a press list, write a press release and pick up the phone and speak to the press. You’ll also learn how to work social media to build up those media connections.

My books, Get Noticed and Do Your Own PR, have been selling on Amazon for years, helping business owners propel their businesses into the spotlight. Now, you can learn how to do the same with you blog.

Paula’s PR For Bloggers course is a clear and informative book in to the do’s and don’t’s of getting your business noticed by the world of media! It’s going to be my go to bible from now on, in publicising my blog. It offers real, honest advice and a step by step guide to tackling all of those PR conundrums and giving you the confidence to speak to the right journalists. There are great tips and exercises to keep you on track and real life examples so you feel supported. It’s a useful reference that I know I’ll come back to time and again.

Hulya Erdal

Only $35

SPECIAL OFFER: I’m currently running a special offer. If you send me your press release with 28 days of buying my course, I will review for you absolutely free ( see the course content for more details). It’s an offer you would be mad not to take up.


Design Your Dream Career Break

Coming soon.

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