coaching for stressed city professionals an urban high fliers
Coaching for stressed city professionals and urban high fliers on career change, work life balance and even meaning of life crises.
life coaching, coaching, high fliers, city professionals
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Career Break Coaching


Soothed in the City: Life Coaching For Stressed High Fliers

Life should be challenging but enjoyable. It’s an amazing journey but all too often we can waste it ruminating over issues that never seem to get solved,  contemplating change that we never quite get around to, and accepting situations that we know, in our hearts, don’t really serve us. I work with busy, perhaps stressed,  city professionals on issues that include career change, work life balance and even those meaning of life questions.

My past experience as owner of my own PR company and background in business psychology make me unique when it comes to coaching. I’ve been through a career change myself, and can use tools that help you integrate your coaching insights into your life.

Private Sessions

£150 for an hour session or £800 for a package of 6. Contact me for a 20 minute clarity call to see if we are a good fit.


Group Sessions

I hold face to face mastermind sessions in London on Thursdays.  Contact me for details

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