About : Soothed in the City
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Paula Gardner : Soothed in the City

Meet the editor

Paula: London and Travel Blogger


I am a forty-something blogger who writes about London, travel and finding the soother, more serene sides of a city. I’m a coach too, and work with people to help them create a life that ticks all their boxes, and then some. People who choose to work with me are often adventurers at heart, but right now stuck in a job or life that doesn’t serve them. Together, we re-write your life story, often working on bringing in more peace, calm and clarity, whilst making space and opportunities for the yummy side of life…also known as travel!


 City Travel


I adore cities: 24 hour restaurants of every variety, transport into the early hours of the morning, that feeling that you’re never on your own…I am one of those people who is, quite literally, soothed by being in a city. I don’t believe that travelling shouldn’t be about running from one tourist site to the next. There are also those times when you need to take time out and reconnect with yourself, or just carve out some space to think. This could be at a beautiful park, quiet part of the city, stunning art collection or even a coffee shop where the atmosphere just gets those creative juices going. I relish finding these places (often by accident) and sharing them with my readers…one of the reasons why I created Soothed in the first place!