About : Soothed in the City
Life coaching for professionals and high fliers from coach Paula Gardner
Coaching, life coaching, coach for city professionals, Paula Gardner
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Paula Gardner : Soothed in the City

Coaching for stressed high performers

I am a coach working with busy, high flying but often very highly stressed people. My clients are often very intelligent self-starters who have achieved great things but something isn’t quite right any more. They may be finding it hard to cope with stress levels that were previously quite exciting. Something might have changed and they are now finding themselves coping with a difficult situation – and this could be at home or work – and would value help in looking at this from a different perspective. Or they may, like myself, have come to feel that what they are doing no longer hold real meaning for them, and want to explore what this might mean for the future.


My coaching style

I’m a doer, like many of the people I work with, and I recognise that sometimes it can be hard to find that time to be reflective.  For some it can feel bit self-indulgent even.  My approach is one of making room for this space, but adding a practical, tangible aspect to it. We will work in terms of exploring and this will inevitably include some action on your part. I may challenge your beliefs if you want to be stretched, but at the same time, I can also work in a gentle, more introspective,  manner if that’s what you need right now.
For many years I worked in the PR and marketing industries in the hustle and bustle of London, until it came a point when I knew I needed more. A chance meeting led me to studying for my masters in business psychology and becoming a qualified coach. I now offer leadership programmes and executive coaching through Scarlet Thinking, and work with individuals on their own personal journal here, at Soothed in the City.


Why Soothed in the City?


I adore cities: 24 hour restaurants of every variety, transport into the early hours of the morning, that feeling that you’re never on your own…but cites can also be one of the loneliest places  to live. The energy of living and working in a city can be hugely productive and uplifting, but the flipside of that is that it can also be draining or even challenging.  I experience both at different times and wanted to create a space where that paradox could be explored.

Please do contact me if you would like to arrange an 20 minute initial exploratory call to see if we would be a good fit to work together.